Thank you for 2012.
We made so much money!

We made so many new friends, had the
greatest time ever and still love what we do.

Travel through 2012 show the team

Robert moved to our office. Raise your glasses to Robert!

Our not yet official family member Matthias launched 365 awesome designers. He started to present one designer each day. Little did he know, how greedily this project would chew up his time.

A documentary about European surf culture was born. It didn’t have a name at first, but if you just snoop around, you will find out.

Thomas was running around as Darth Vader stopping cars. It had absolutely no point, but looked badass.

Matthias, 9th AV member joined the family. How could we ever live without him?

Karl Lagerfeld ripped off our slogan. But we’re fine with that. You’re welcome, Karl.

The second Dribbble Meetup in Vienna. Featuring some grease-drippin' pizza!

Thomas & Stefan were doing some rad Silkscreen shit for les Avignons. A new star on the hipster bag scene was born.

Four of les Avignons roared in the "Young Lions Contest" (Second place in the Cyber category, booya!)

Someone painted this on the streets. Of course we know nothing about it.

Tobias came back from NYC to the Graz Studio - the gang was united again. But it wouldn’t be for long.

Our first les Avignons Day in Graz.

Katharina fulfilled her childhood dream and conquered "The Big South". She had a blast among Voodoo-priestesses and gators.

Thomas went to Munich attending some Facebook conference or something. It was full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

It was Jürgen’s birthday and he was the happiest kid in town because of his new Uniform Wares watch.

les Avignons celebrated its 2nd official birthday. Unfortunately we can’t remember much from this day but we probably went to bed early.

The les Avignons & Nomad Earth crew embarked on the first filming adventure for the upcoming surf documentary "The Old, the Young & the Sea"

Katharina moved to Hamburg and did a hell lot of journalistic work & food tasting there. Damn good place for that!

We hosted Camera Austria at our Studio for Lendwirbel. Surprisingly enough, they didn’t take any pictures.

Thomas did his "Before I die..." project. Metalheads all around were disappointed, because, despite the name, it promoted happiness and enjoying the little things.

The third Dribbble Meetup took place in Graz at Speisesaal - It was as big as our steak-stuffed bellies afterwards.

Tobias went OFFF to Barcelona for some beach side longboarding. Meanwhile he also fed the future or some friendly birds. Whatever.

Silkscreen workshop began. Because sometimes you just want to get your hands dirty.

Thomas started typefacesofgraz, an Instagram account collecting old-fashioned letterings. He grew increasingly frustrated because Instagram didn’t let you switch accounts. He has kind of abandoned it now. Feel free to send him an angry message if that bothers you.

The first Steak Night took place at Speisesaal Graz. Going to steak night, gonna eat it right.

We were flipping the pages of the AV limited edition of "Fantastic Man" with Jürgen Genser on the cover.

Katharina joined the league of hot Swedish girls in Göteborg and further north. This small intermezzo unfortunately ended after one week.

The Dark Knight triple feature opened in theatres. Tobias, Jürgen and Thomas wouldn’t shut up about Batman for the rest of the year. (Will he come back? We don’t know...)

Tobias launched his personal side project ".Mail App". Honorably, his concept also got featured in magazines like TheVerge, FastCompany and TheNextWeb etc. You probably read that though. We bet you did.

Thomas' knee explodes. But he comes back stronger than ever.

The fourth Dribbble Meetup spread its sparkles at Hotel Daniel/Vienna.

Matthias launched his new portfolio. It was about time, bro!

Katharina launched her new portfolio as well. It was about time, sis!

Twitter was down and we were shocked. WTF?

We woke up to a pretty blue-skied day and decided to do some photos in the nearby park. Bittersweet family memories.

Tobias went to Stockholm to join the great folks at Fantasy Interactive. He recieved probably the best goodbye present in history.

The last Windows PC left our office. All hail the retina.

Hot summer saw hot shit: First teaser of "The Old, the Young & the Sea" out

Stefan went to Switzerland to shoot some sweaty bikers.

More than 25.000 people signed up on Tobias' Dotmail App. Crazy folks.

Katharina and Vera went on their research trip for Eat Surf Live, talked to every man, woman, dog or slice of toast in Cornwall. At the same time, the quest for successful crowdfunding started.

Martin, our 10th les Avignons member moved to our office – welcome Martin. Pictures of him are quite rare - he is usually the one behind the camera.

"The Old, the Young & the Sea" goes on their second filming trip.

The fifth Dribbble Meetup hosted by AV took place in Graz. We’re apparently getting pretty good at this.

Katharina gains the trophy of Styrian vice champion in Ultimate Frisbee. And yes - it is a sport!

We finally printed those Spain/Euro 2012 posters we made a contest about. There was a sweet video by Martin about the process.

Thomas went on a month-long road trip from New Orleans to Austin and back again. He got hit on by a trucker and saw his childhood star Val Kilmer. Who also happened to have been Batman.

Tobias launched ColorClaim, a blog about colors & inspiration.

We created our first les Avignons playlist on spotify. We pretty much changed the world with that.

Eat Surf Live is funded. Yay!

Patrick Seiler joined our office - for short but nice three weeks.

Tobias moved from Stockholm to New York, even for someone who "loves the quiet of the night time" Stockholm was too cold and dark during the wintertime.

Matthias published one of his side projects - An app that shows you the stats of your stats of your stats! Hooray!

Martin finished his short movie "Pons" and left us speechless.

Tobias teamed up with Verena to create a winter special artwork for the Vienna based magazine "Faux Fox". There are some cats and diamonds in there. Somewhere.

Our second AV day & we celebrated Christmas les Avignons style – at the Gemüswerkstatt Graz. But only after we’d finished redecorating our studio.

We survived doomsday, that was easy!